Roger Ailes Is Fired And Fox News Is On The Verge Of Complete Collapse

Fox News continues to deny it, but it appears that Roger Ailes has been fired from the network. Ailes’s termination could lead to a collapse of the network as key Fox talent all have clauses in their contracts that allow them to leave if Ailes departs Fox News.

Fox News is denying that Ailes has been fired, but it is clear that the path is being made for his immediate departure, and according to the Financial Times, if Ailes goes, most of Fox News primetime lineup will follow, “The likely departure of the former aide to Richard Nixon who defied the odds when he launched Fox News 20 years ago could present a big problem for the Murdochs. Three of Fox News’ biggest stars — Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity and Greta Van Susteren — have clauses in their contracts that would allow them to depart if Mr Ailes were to leave the network, the two people briefed on the dispute said.”

That’s three-quarters of the Fox News primetime lineup that might be on its way out the door after Roger Ailes is formally fired/resigns/retires. It doesn’t matter what Fox News wants to call the Ailes departure; the Murdoch family is kicking his backside out the door. The Gretchen Carlson lawsuit got the ball rolling, but it was the dozens of women who had the courage to stand up speak out about what Ailes had done to them that doomed the Fox News boss. The additional news that Megyn Kelly told investigators that she had been harassed by Ailes may have been the final nail in the coffin.

Fox News will continue without Roger Ailes, but the cable news leader could see their time at the top come to an end. It has been widely speculated that CNN has been adding more conservative on-air talent because they are positioning themselves to make a play for big name Fox Newsers who may want out after Ailes is gone.

Roger Ailes deserves to be fired. He doesn’t deserve the rumored $30-$40 million golden parachute that is currently being negotiated. Roger Ailes made Fox News, so it fits that his predatory behavior towards women may destroy it.

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