Twilight Sparkle and Melania Trump

Trump’s RNC Claims Melania Plagiarized Speech From My Little Pony Not Michelle Obama

Last updated on July 17th, 2023 at 07:13 pm

Republicans have come up with a new excuse for Melania Trump’s convention speech plagiarism. According to the RNC, Mrs. Trump may have lifted phrases from My Little Pony, not First Lady Michelle Obama.

Video of RNC Chief Strategist Sean Spicer breaking new ground with the Twilight Sparkle defense:

Here is the explanation from the RNC’s Sean Spicer via Business Week’s Joshua Green:

There are some problems with this latest excuse:

1). Michelle Obama gave her speech in 2008. The latest My Little Pony series debuted in 2010.

2). It is being reported that part of the speechwriting process for the Trump convention is to go through stacks of old convention speeches.

3). Twilight Sparkle has never given a speech at a political convention.

4). Michelle Obama has given speeches at national political conventions.

5). Melania Trump stole from Michelle Obama.

6). It is unclear if Twilight Sparkle is also a plagiarist.

How dare Donald Trump and the RNC drag Twilight Sparkle through the mud to cover for the plagiarizing Trumps?

Somebody is guilty of plagiarism here, and I don’t think it is the cartoon pony.

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