Scott Walker Falls Flat On His Face In Cheesy Game Show Host Convention Speech

In a cross between a demented Family Feud episode and a convention speech, Gov. Scott Walker showed why he would never be President Of The United States.

Walker was introduced, and he ran on stage with his microphone and spewed out dozens of Republican talking points including the classic liberal Washington insiders created all of our problems. Walker jumped on the usual applause line of Hillary Clinton going to prison.

Gov. Walker set a really low bar by saying that any of the Republicans would be better than Clinton and that a vote for anybody but Trump will be a vote for Hillary Clinton.

Scott Walker said that he talked to Trump, and what the plague upon Wisconsin tried to sell as a conversation was really Trump telling him what to say.

A man who isn’t fit to be Governor of Wisconsin stood onstage and told America that Hillary Clinton is unfit for the White House. Walker claimed that every place with a Republican governor is a utopia, and then lied about his record in Wisconsin.

It was easy to see Walker’s play. Scott Walker isn’t going to burn bridges with the 2016 nominee because he is planning to run again in 2020. Scott Walker cut a 2020 campaign ad and kept living off of the recall election that he survived.

Scott Walker threw his hat into the ring for 2020, but his campaign will be dead before it even starts. Scott Walker is still the same delusional college dropout who will never be president.