Trump Finally Admits That Melania Trump Convention Speech Was Plagiarized

Trump is finally admitting, through the Trump Organization, that his wife ripped off First Lady Obama during her Republican convention speech.

In typical Republican style, the Trumps didn’t take responsibility for the plagiarism. They had a speechwriter fall on the sword through a statement:

The RNC wanted Trump to fire somebody for this debacle, but the man who is famous for fake firing people on television refused to do so. Instead, he had an employee put out a statement, not through the campaign, but through his organization taking all the blame for what happened.

The great intermingling of the Trump Organization and the Trump campaign is an issue that deserves more scrutiny because it appears that there really is no such thing as the Trump campaign.

Donald Trump is trying to dodge responsibility for the amateur hour that has been the first two days of the Republican convention. Melania Trump read the lines to the speech writer, the speech writer added them to the speech, and the Trump campaign just went with it. Nobody stood up to suggest that maybe plagiarizing from the First Lady was not a good idea.

The Republican Party lied. It wasn’t My Little Pony and Twilight Sparkle that Melania Trump was quoting. Mrs. Trump ripped off Michelle Obama, and the whole episode has shown the world what a half-assed presidential campaign that Donald Trump is running.

The Trump family is an empty shell that is trying to con their way to the White House by stealing the words of other more successful people. Judging from the first two nights of the RNC only the willing are being fooled by the scam.

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