3 Reasons Why Donald Trump Just Gave The Worst Acceptance Speech In History


Donald Trump just finished an acceptance speech that was by far the worst in modern American presidential campaign history.

Here are three reasons why Trump’s speech was the worst:

1). Screaming Like A Lunatic – Donald Trump yelled the entire speech. Trump’s tone was shrill. Instead of sounding like a strong leader, Trump sounded like an angry Fox News viewer screaming at the television. Trump can’t figure out how to sound like a normal human being while using a teleprompter. Donald Trump’s delivery was so bad that it was distracting and headache inducing.


The Republican nominee spent hours screaming at the nation like a lunatic.

Trump made George W. Bush sound like a polished master. Trump’s speech had the length of Bill Clinton and the delivery of Bobcat Goldthwait. Sad.

2). Structure
– We all know that Donald Trump has no policies, but the structure of his acceptance speech was a total mess. Trump floated between topics bouncing back and forth, all the while not telling anyone what he would actually do. Trump rambled between immigration, trade deals, crime, and then back to immigration, then back to trade deals. Obscured by this incoherent rambling was that Trump didn’t mention how he would do a single that he promised would happen.

Trump’s speech was impossible to follow even with a transcript. Donald Trump can’t give a lucid speech. At the moment when he was on one of the nation’s biggest historical stages, Donald Trump couldn’t keep it together to tell the nation a story that they could follow. Trump failed. Bigly.

3). Length – If there was a point to Donald Trump’s speech, no one knew what it was. Trump alternated between telling voters that America has gone to hell, and that he is the Superman that could save us. Just like Trump’s campaign, the acceptance speech was an address about nothing.

Trump also passed Bill Clinton by giving the longest acceptance speech in history:

It is difficult to give a good acceptance speech, but it takes real talent to give a speech that was as bad as the one that Donald Trump gave. What was even worse, was that Trump rambled through the 11 PM ET hour. There will be plenty of apologists for Trump, but the speech just like the man himself was full of loud bluster, but it lacked substance and stability. Donald Trump was a man with nothing to say who took way too long not to say it.

Donald Trump’s speech was the screaming ravings of a major league deranged lunatic.