‘Oh Yeah?’ Says Michael Savage to Plagiarism Charge, Hillary ‘Looks like Stalin’s Housekeeper!’

It is difficult to believe that Republican rhetoric could sink lower than the banana republic/witch trial episode at the convention but you can always count on Michael Savage. In a childish fit of tit for tat, the radio host struck back at Melania Trump getting rightfully busted for plagiarism by pulling a “Oh yeah? Well Hillary Clinton ‘looks like Stalin’s housekeeper.’”

Listen courtesy of Right Wing Watch:

That’s telling ’em. We Democrats are on our heels now. I’m not sure we can recover from Trump’s third grade rhetoric and Savage’s third grade sense of humor. And it’s not only a lame comeback, its a recycled comeback, since he said the same thing about the wife of Bernie Sanders.

This is just weird. Even were it true, how is it bad to look like somebody else, but okay in the case of Donald Trump to want to act like somebody else. You know, like Joseph Stalin. At the very least, Trump would befriend him, were he alive, and gush over him as he has other dictators.

And it wasn’t just Hillary Clinton he lamely threw punches at:

“Creatures that are smaller than marsupials, they have names like Anderson Cooper, Wolf Blinky Blitzer, they’re the small creatures underneath the leaf droppings of the jungle floor. Instead of focusing today on all of the damage around the world done by the Obamas, instead they’re focusing on a speech given by the newest first lady to appear on the stage, as fresh as Jackie O on her first appearance.

“You know, she’s so appealing that she’s liable to garner a good percentage of Hillary’s woman vote simply because she’s so appealing,” Savage said. “Now, regarding Melania’s speech, yes, there’s some overlap, but that’s of course not the issue.”

Of course, Melania is not the “newest first lady.” She’d only be that if her husband won the election – and he hadn’t married somebody else in the meantime.

And even though this popular conservative meme has been roundly and thoroughly debunked, Savage continued to insist it was Hillary who started the whole plagiarism accusation, as though it matters who started it, because Melania delivered a plagiarized speech, no matter who noticed it first.

And even had Hillary been the first to notice it, so what? How is that wrong? Since when is the person who notices a crime more guilty than the person committing the crime?

That’s a weird sort of justice.

“The issue is that she is so appealing that the Hillary Clinton camp went insane fearing that Melania has, in fact, captured the attention of the women of America who don’t like Hillary very much. Hillary is not attractive. Hillary is unattractive. This is a country that lives on movie stars. Melania’s a movie star, Hillary looks like a maid. She looks like Stalin’s housekeeper gussied up, that’s number one. And number two, of course, the reason the creatures underneath the leaf droppings of the jungle floor called the media are obscuring, doing this is to obscure all the problems that Hillary has created. Have you forgotten the email scandal? Have you forgotten Benghazi? Have you forgotten the Clinton Foundation cash scam? Somehow that didn’t make it to the geniuses who are worried about a few lines of overlap from a speech that Moo-chelle Obama gave a number of years ago, which she lifted from someone else.”

Right. Hillary Clinton is full of insane fear because Melania Trump used Michele Obama’s speech. If anyone is insanely fearful it is Melania Trump, who had nothing original to say, and so preferred to sound like a much-hated Democrat. Bizarre as the Trump Theater of the Insane has become, this is still pretty far out there.