Trump Accused Of A Federal Crime On Same Day He Accepts The Republican Nomination

Donald Trump is facing a new complaint that his use of the Trump Organization to do his campaign work is a violation of federal law.

The Democratic Coalition Against Trump announced their FEC complaint against the GOP nominee in a statement:

This morning the Democratic Coalition Against Trump filed a federal campaign complaint against Donald Trump’s Presidential campaign with the Federal Elections Commission. The complaint alleges five violations including illegally accepting direct corporate contributions, accepting services from a volunteer that were actually compensated, use of the Trump corporate name or trademark to facilitate campaign contributions, illegal use of corporate facilities by a campaign volunteer, and knowingly allowing volunteers to exceed the transportation expense limit.

Meredith McIver, a speechwriter for the Trump campaign, released her plagiarism apology letter yesterday made on the Trump Organization letterhead that stated she was working via the corporation to perform campaign responsibilities. The Trump campaign responded to calls from the Coalition for clarification, where Trump’s spokesman claimed that McIver was serving in a volunteer capacity to the campaign.

Scott Dworkin, Senior Advisor to the Coalition, said, “McIver offered her resignation from her full-time job with the Trump Organization, not from the Trump campaign. If she was a volunteer for the campaign, then there should have been no job to resign from.”

Jon Cooper, Chairman of the Coalition, said “This incident is reminiscent of the John Edwards campaign-finance scandal, which likewise involved work paid for by a corporation for a presidential campaign. As such, it is very troubling.”

The Trump campaign has already announced that they plan to allow corporations to take over the federal government if Trump wins the election. According to Chris Christie, Trump is already making a list of civil servants to fire who he will replace with corporate employees, that will be allowed to keep their corporate jobs, and also work for the government.

Donald Trump sees no line between the public and private sectors. His presidential campaign and his business interests have been mashed together in a way that should deeply concern the American people. Trump doesn’t believe in the public good.

The fact that any employee of the Trump Organization was “volunteering” for the Trump campaign, but when the plagiarism scandal broke offered to resign from her corporate job is proof that Trump is violating campaign finance laws.

It is revealing that every nickname about a political opponent that Donald Trump creates describes a behavior that he is engaging in.

Trump is a pathological liar, but he nicknamed Ted Cruz “Lyin’ Ted.” Trump said Jeb Bush has low energy when he barely campaigns three days a week. Trump has tried to make the “Crooked Hillary” nickname, but he is the candidate who is engaged in corruption.

On the day that Trump will formally accept the Republican presidential nomination, it is fitting that he faces a new complaint of more illegal activity.

Donald Trump has provided ample evidence that he is the most untrustworthy and corrupt major party nominee in modern American political history.