GOP Convention A Dud As Trump Is Getting No Bounce In Ohio From Cleveland Gathering

A new poll shows that not even having the Republican convention in Cleveland can get Donald Trump a lead over Hillary Clinton in Ohio.

According to the latest Suffolk University Poll of Ohio:

As Donald Trump and the Republican delegates prepare to close out their party convention in Cleveland, a new Suffolk University poll of Ohio voters shows the race a dead heat in the Buckeye State, with Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump tied at 44 percent and 11 percent undecided.


In a four-way scenario, with Green Party nominee Jill Stein and Libertarian Gary Johnson added into the mix, Clinton edges Trump 43 percent to 39 percent in Ohio, with Johnson getting 5 percent, Stein 1 percent and 12 percent undecided.


When asked, 57 percent of Ohio voters said they don’t agree with Trump’s allegation that the rise of ISIS and the recent terrorist attacks in the United States and abroad are due to weak leadership from former Secretary of State Clinton and President Obama.


Fifty-five percent of Ohio voters support Clinton’s proposed ban on assault weapons, while 40 percent are opposed, and 4 percent undecided.

The tie, while the Republican convention is going on, suggests that Trump is not going to get a big enough bounce to overtake Clinton in Ohio. The party’s convention is usually one of the high points of a nominee’s campaign regarding polling, but Trump remains stuck at his same 42%-44%.

Trump’s inability to gain real momentum in the state where the convention is being held suggests that Republicans have chosen a weak nominee with little upside for growth. Trump isn’t any closer to breaking the 50% threshold in Ohio than he was before the convention.

The lack of support from the state’s governor, John Kasich isn’t helping Trump. The fact that Ohio voters oppose Trump’s views on Muslims and support Clinton’s proposed ban on assault weapons are both red flags for the GOP.

Donald Trump’s convention is looking like a dud, as even with Republicans gathered in Cleveland, Hillary Clinton is hanging in there in the Buckeye State.