Republican Convention Backfires As Trump Loses Support With Latino Voters

The results just came in from the final Latino Victory Project poll from the RNC including reactions to Trump speech, and they aren’t pretty.

The Republican convention failed to win over Latino voters. The convention started with Clinton at +55 lead with Latino voters and ended with her at +63 lead. Thanks, Donald.

The results from the last day of the Latino Victory Project convention show Donald Trump ended with a 15% favorable rating and an 82% unfavorable rating among Latino voters.

“The Hispanics love me. Latinos love Trump, and I love them,” Trump has said. Yet 89% of Latino voters said no, they don’t love Donald Trump.

Eighty-one percent say the crowd chanting “build the wall” is “disturbing and encourages discrimination against immigrants and Latinos.”

Some more stats that don’t bode well for Trump:

85% of respondents describe Donald Trump as dividing America
87% of respondents describe Donald Trump as a bully
84% of respondents said Donald Trump is not trustworthy
84% of respondents said Donald Trump does not respect women

Only 15% said Donald Trump and Republicans have improved their image with Latino voters, while 85% say they the convention worsened their image with Latino voters.

78% of respondents describe Trump rallies and events as hostile
88% of respondents describe Trump rallies and events as angry

A whopping 77% described the Republican Party as “Dangerous” after the last day of the convention. The Trump Republican Party is not a big tent.

Donald Trump keeps calling President Obama divisive, but the person who is actually divisive is the guy who retweets white supremacists.

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