After chaotic and negative RNC, Democrats poised to deliver optimistic message in Philadelphia

Anybody that had the disturbing privilege of watching Republican National Convention last week knows that it was an ugly one, from start to finish.

It offered little to the American people in terms of how to make their lives better. Instead, it was simply an angry wink at the most deranged individuals in the GOP base. The vast majority of viewers faced a barrage of grim portraits of America, disgusting chants calling for the imprisonment of a political opponent, and cynical attempts to divide people and scare up votes.

Thankfully, Republicans won’t have the last word.

On Monday, a unified Democratic Party will travel to Philadelphia to deliver a positive message to the voters: America is already great.

Hillary Clinton and her newly minted running mate Tim Kaine –  who hit it out of the park in his first post-announcement campaign event on Saturday – will likely talk about the progress of the past eight years and explain to voters how we, together, ­can address the obstacles we still face as a country.

They will also explain that America is the best version of itself – its strongest – when we embrace our diversity and stand together to face down our challenges. Not when we insult entire minority groups or propose to ban an entire religion from entering the country.

Democrats will propose that we build bridges instead of walls.

They also won’t rely on B-list celebrities to power their speaking schedule. Instead of Scott Baio and Antonio Sabato, powerhouses like Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Bill Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren will be on hand to deliver speeches that will likely rock the house in Philadelphia.

These speeches will also lay out the stark differences between highly qualified Clinton and dangerously unfit Donald Trump. But they’ll do it without making Americans think their nation is a third-world country that needs a spray-tanned conman to rescue it.

When the Democratic National Convention concludes next Thursday after Hillary Clinton delivers her historic acceptance speech, Americans will feel a lot better about their country than they did following the chaos in Cleveland.