New Clinton Ad Shows All The Wonderful Things Trump Has Said About Hillary

Donald Trump has been hammering Hillary Clinton quite a bit since they became political opponents, but a new Clinton campaign ad serves as a reminder that the Republican nominee thought pretty highly of Clinton before she became his political opponent.

One could say that Trump was for Hillary before he was against her.


The GOP nominee may like to call Clinton childish nicknames and accuse her of being a criminal now that he’s trying to beat her in an election, but he seemed to admire her (and Bill Clinton) in the past.

“Hillary is smart, tough, and a very nice person,” Trump said in 2008, the video noted. “I know her very well, and I know her husband very well, and I like them both.”

The video also shows footage of Trump calling the Clintons “just really terrific people.”

The alleged billionaire also went as far as saying that “[Hillary] works really hard” and “she’d make a great president.”

The campaign ad concluded with the caption, “Donald Trump: occasionally right.”