Trump Disastrously Tries To Woo Sanders Supporters By Attacking Bernie Sanders

Donald Trump actually thought that the best way to woo Sanders supporters was to attack Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Trump tweeted:

What Trump’s little tantrum/tirade was about was that his whole strategy to win in November is based splitting the Democratic Party by moving the Bernie Sanders supporters into his column.

The problem is that Donald Trump represents everything that the Sanders supporters are fighting against. The Sanders supporters will never support a billionaire who won’t release his tax returns and stands for the kind of division and bigotry that Bernie Sanders opposes with every fiber of being.

The best way not to get the support of the Sanders voters is to attack Bernie Sanders. The Bernie folks want a true leader and revolutionary, not a racist want to be third rate strongman.

Donald Trump keeps finding new and different ways to make the supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders hate him.