9/11 Survivor Shares Emotional Story About Hillary Clinton Having Her Back Following Attacks

A survivor of the Sept. 11 attacks, Lauren Manning, took to the podium at the DNC on Tuesday night to share her story about how Hillary Clinton had her back as she fought to stay alive following the 2001 tragedy.

The attacks left Manning with 82.5 percent total body burns, and she spent over half a year in the hospital recovering and fighting for her life.


Manning said,

For years, [Hillary] visited, called and continues to check in. When I needed her she was there, when our first responders needed her, she was there. When New York needed her, she was there. I trusted her when my life was on the line, and she came through. Not for the cameras, not because anyone was watching, but because that is who she is. She had my back.

“She was there for me, and that’s why I’m with her,” she concluded.

Lauren Manning was just one of several speakers that delivered emotional speeches about their experience with the 9/11 attacks and how Hillary Clinton was there to ensure that both survivors and first responders got the care they deserved.