Cecile Richards Makes A Devastating Promise To Donald Trump At Democratic Convention

President of the Planned Parenthood Action Fund Cecile Richards rocked the DNC Tuesday night when she said of Hillary Clinton, “This isn’t just about electing the first woman president, it’s about electing THIS woman president.”

So much for the very offensive “don’t vote with your vagina” argument put forth by Republicans and some alleged Bernie Sanders’ supporters.

Richards said, “Planned Parenthood was founded 100 years ago, giving women the care they need to live their lives and chase their dreams – no limits, no ceilings,” and, “A century later, an enormous ceiling is coming down.”

“Each year, millions of women, men, and young people trust Planned Parenthood. And the Planned Parenthood Action Fund trusts Hillary Clinton.”

Cecile Richards recalled, “As first lady, Hillary declared to the world that, ‘women’s rights are human rights.’”

Richards listed off some of Hillary Clinton’s experience, “She worked with Republicans and Democrats to help create the Children’s Health Insurance Program, which now covers 8 million kids. As Secretary of State, she was a champion for women and girls around the globe.”

Richards said Clinton “will always stand up for Roe v. Wade and the right of every woman to access a full range of reproductive health care, including abortion, no matter her economic status”.

The President of the Planned Parenthood Action Fund told the story about a woman named Dayna Farris Fisher, a mom in Dallas who was diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago. “Today, Dayna is cancer-free. She says she couldn’t have done it without Vivian, the Planned Parenthood clinician who stuck with her all the way through treatment.”

This allowed Richards to neuter another Republican talking point, because when Republicans talk about defunding Planned Parenthood, they suggest they are defunding abortions, when in fact due to the Hyde Amendment, public funds do not pay for abortions. So what they are really talking about defunding is sometimes lifesaving healthcare for women and girls.

Richards explained, “When Donald Trump and Mike Pence say they’ll defund Planned Parenthood, they’re talking about cutting women like Dayna off from lifesaving care.”

Richards told the audience that women’s health and rights were at stake this election and on the ballot. She talked about Donald Trump’s “disturbing” worldview, saying, “Donald Trump has called women ‘fat pigs’ and ‘dogs.’ He wants to punish women for having abortions. And he says pregnancy is an ‘inconvenience’ for a woman’s employer.”

“Well, Donald Trump, come November, women are going to be more than an inconvenience,” Richards said to coming cheers, “We’re going to be the reason you’re not elected!”