Hillary Clinton’s Democratic Nomination Is A Massive Victory Over Republicans

*The following is an opinion column by R Muse*

There is a tendency among the preponderance of know-nothings in America to regularly claim there is no difference between Democrats and Republicans as political parties. Of course, one or two of those ignoramuses certainly comprehend that as far as policies, there is an obvious difference between Democrats and Republicans. Although not really a policy position per se, the greatest difference between Republicans and Democrats, particularly as of late, is the embrace of major party candidates that are not white males; something that appears to be part and parcel of the religious conservative mindset driving a fair portion of the Republican Party’s worldview.

After yesterday in Philadelphia,  Democrats are, or at least they should be, feeling fairly pleased with themselves after nominating the first woman in American history as their presidential candidate. It is, by any measure, a monumental accomplishment in this male-dominated and patriarchal society and they have every right to be ecstatic. Actually, every woman in America, Republican or Democrat, should be nothing short of overjoyed that at long last, over half the population will have one of their own running for the highest office in the land, and not just because she is a woman, but because Republicans and Democrats alike acknowledge that Hillary Clinton is highly-qualified. Yes, Republicans know Clinton is not only highly-qualified, but that she is uniquely more qualified than any man, Republican or Democrat, seeking the presidency.

Democrats should be particularly pleased after yesterday because Hillary Clinton’s nomination is yet another crowning achievement for the Democrats who are, in street parlance, ‘walking the talk’ and not just giving lip service to being a big tent where all are welcomed  to contribute to America’s progress. This is particularly true after nominating and electing the first African American man as President just eight years ago; an achievement that Republicans still cannot comport.

There is another aspect to yesterday’s “official” nomination that is, or it should be, a major reason for a particularly celebratory mood among Democrats. In nominating Hillary Clinton, they have overcome a sustained, exceptionally nasty, two decade-long Republican-driven assault on a woman who not only defeated her white male Democratic rival for the top spot in November, she and Democrats have weathered a several year-long string of attacks by rabid Republicans in the United States Congress..

House Republicans  wantonly, and likely criminally, used taxpayer dollars to fund their Party’s political campaign against a powerful woman they are terrified of because they have learned over two decades that whether she was First Lady, U.S. Senator, or Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton is a force to be reckoned with.  Republicans have launched fabricated investigation after partisan witch hunt into Hillary Clinton for the sole purpose of damaging her chances of winning the nomination. That fact is not conjecture or supposition; it is the truth that congressional Republicans had no qualms admitting, and admitting openly.

For example, besides the Department of Defense accusing House Republicans of “political grandstanding and politicking,” in May of this year the Republicans’ top Benghazi lawyer admitted that the seventh investigation into Hillary Clinton was a witch-hunt. Even more incredibly, the House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) had the temerity to explain to the press that the Benghazi committee’s primary purpose, from the very beginning, was a Republican campaign ploy to prevent Hillary from winning the Democratic nomination. McCarthy said:

Everybody thought Hillary Clinton was unbeatable right? But we put together a Benghazi Special Committee, a select committee. What are her numbers today? Her numbers are dropping. Why? Cause…we fought and made that happen.” Americans should be apoplectic that House Republicans put together a select “campaign” committee paid for solely by American taxpayers, and still couldn’t stop Clinton’s nomination.

Likewise, the uproar over Clinton’s emails was a partisan campaign attack to diminish her chances at winning the nomination. This is particularly true after former George W. Bush Secretary of State Colin Powell revealed that he used an identical email process as Clinton without one unkind word, or seven investigations, from Republicans. Even the Federal Bureau of Investigation concluded that “past” Secretaries of State preceded Clinton in using personal email servers; something they regarded as “careless” at best.

Even during the hard-fought and hotly-contested primary race, Hillary Clinton was in a race against more than another Democratic candidate. With no participation, request, or approval by the Sanders’ campaign, conservative Karl Rove’s Super-PAC, American Crossroads, spent untold millions  to aid Mr. Sanders to defeat Clinton. Rove, like every Republican, did not agree with or support even one of Bernie Sanders proposals, he was just terrified of a Clinton candidacy. Winning the nomination is more than a victory over another Democrat, it was a victory over Karl Rove, House Republicans, and a nearly quarter Century of attacks on her character. Attacks that began, by the way, when as First Lady Clinton sought universal healthcare.

Hillary Clinton is not perfect; no candidate is perfect. But she is highly qualified and in winning the Democratic nomination she did make history. But not because she is a woman, but because besides defeating her worthy male opponent, she won the nomination after all manner of attacks from the entire Republican establishment over the past 23 years. It may be why Russia’s punk-ass Commie leader that Hillary owned as Secretary of State inserted himself in the nominating process to help his underling Donald Trump who now has to face the woman an entire party, House Republicans, Karl Rove and Russian spies failed to stop from winning the nomination.