Tim Kaine May Have Triggered a Clinton Landslide With 1 Sentence In His Convention Speech

Sen. Tim Kaine uttered one sentence in his acceptance speech that was capable of triggering a landslide for Hillary Clinton.

Tim Kaine drew an immediate contrast with Trump and talked about the bright future that we will build together while accepting the nomination for vice president.

Kaine said he never expected to be here. A few Nebraska delegates and a slew of California and Maine delegates held up no TPP signs.

Sen. Kaine talked about his first-hand look at a dictatorship in Honduras. Kaine made a direct appeal to Republicans who are looking for the Party of Lincoln and told them that they have a home in the Democratic Party.

Sen. Kaine with his Virginia appeal, faith, and soft voice may be the kind of moderate-sounding voice that Republicans who are turned off by Trump have been looking for.

Listening to Kaine speak, his selection makes total sense.

While Donald Trump is fumbling around with a foolish pursuit of Bernie Sanders supporters, Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine have been targeting voters of the left, right, and middle who have been turned off by Trump’s extremism.

The strategy is clear, and if it is effective, Clinton/Kaine may win by a landslide.