As Trump Consorts with Putin, Frank Gaffney Says Democrats ‘Aligned With Our Enemies’

As Trump invites another cyber attack from Russia to help him win an election to an office he is clearly not qualified to occupy, Cruz surrogate Frank Gaffney of the oxymoronic Center for Security Policy, says it is the Democrats who are “aligned with our enemies and not with America” and “will doom all of us if they have their way.”

Take a listen courtesy of Right Wing Watch:

“The bigger question, which I think more and more of us are tumbling to watching this spectacle is not just the ignoring of that reality, it is the aligning with our enemies. You talked earlier about Tim Kaine having done a lot of that with the Muslim Brotherhood. He’s not alone. There are whole bunches of them in the progressive movement. Look at the Palestinian flags. Look at people burning Israel’s flag and burning the American flag. These people are on the wrong side. I’m sorry for Democrats, I used to be one myself, who are now being completely disenfranchised by a party that is aligned with our enemies and not with America. They will doom all of us if they have their way.”

Yes. He’s sorry for the Democrats, not for the Republicans who have a nominee inviting enemies to attack us for his personal gain. It is hardly a surprise that a former Cruz adviser would have such a skewed view of reality. You can be sure he remains convinced that Obama, not Trump, hates America.

Gaffney, despite his poor taste in candidates, once made the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Thirty key leaders of the American radical right. He is a professional Islamophobe and has gone so far as to suggest that Black Lives Matter is working hand in hand with “Islamic terrorists” to incite revolution.

It is not a big step, therefore, to completely ignore Trump’s conspiracy with Putin to target Democrats. After all, this claim is no more fantastic than any of his previous claims.