Nancy Pelosi Vows to Fight to Restore the Democratic Majority in Congress

Speaking on day 4 of the Democratic National Convention, Leader Nancy Pelosi praised Hillary Clinton’s “genuine strength that differs profoundly from her opponent’s bluster.”

Pelosi started off by saying her House caucus was honored to serve with “one of the greatest Presidents in our history, President Barack Obama! Together we passed the Affordable Care Act, which would not have been possible without the courage of House Democrats.”

“We are a caucus proud that we look like 21st-century America; more than 50 percent women, people of color, and LGBT Members. What a contrast with the narrow and restricted club that met in convention in Cleveland last week!”

Continuing with the comparison to the Trump disaster fest that was the RNC last week, the Democratic Leader said, “We come to public service and to this convention not to trumpet darkness, but to light a way forward for our country.”

“We come here conscious that we are approaching a milestone moment in the American journey — the election of the first woman President of the United States.”

But Hillary Clinton knows this is about so much more than one woman’s achievement, Pelosi said. “It’s about what electing a woman President will mean for achieving the dreams and hopes and aspirations of every woman, every daughter, every son, and every family, all across our land, for generations to come.”

Pelosi laid out specific policies that are part of the Democratic agenda, including breaking the grip of the gun lobby on Congress, keeping guns out of the hands of suspected terrorists, passing no fly, no buy, investing in education, a living wage with equal pay and paid leave for everyone, quality health care, removing barriers to voting, getting dark money out of politics, overturning Citizens United and fighting ISIS by being “strong and smart, not reckless and rash.”

Pelosi spoke for so many Americans when she said that not far from here (Philadelphia), “our Founders pledged their lives, their liberty, and their sacred honor to create a democracy. A government of the many, not a government of they money.”

Pelosi closed by vowing that Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine would win in November. “We will fight to restore Democratic majorities in the Senate and the House, and I tell you this: We can do it.”