Former Reagan Official Tells Donald Trump He’s No Ronald Reagan

Former Reagan administration official Doug Elmets took to the DNC stage on the last evening to tell Donald Trump, “Donald Trump, you are no Ronald Reagan.”

“I haven’t just voted Republican. I worked in President Reagan’s White House,” the Iowa native said. “I recently led an effort to place a statue of Ronald Reagan in California’s Capitol.”

“I’m here tonight to say: I knew Ronald Reagan; I worked for Ronald Reagan.”

And… Boom: “Donald Trump, you are no Ronald Reagan.”

Elmets explained why a lifelong Republican is voting for Hillary Clinton in 2016, “This year’s Republican platform is the most alarming I’ve ever seen. It’s laced with anti-immigrant, anti-gay, anti-women positions that do not represent the views of most Americans. That is why this year, I will vote for a Democrat for the first time.”

The former Reagan administration official told his fellow Republicans that if they “believe loyalty to our country is more important than loyalty to party; if you want a President with a good judgment, a steady hand, and the temperament to represent our Nation to the world – and our children; I ask you to join me in voting for Hillary Clinton as President of the United States.”

This is pretty awkward. Many Republicans with integrity are running so far away from the toxic Trump that they are now urging their fellow Republicans to vote for Hillary Clinton.