Stephen Colbert Destroys Donald Trump With One Simple, Hilarious Question

It’s pretty obvious that Stephen Colbert doesn’t care much for Donald Trump. As the election season has worn on, Colbert has devoted a lot of time on ‘The Late Show’ dressing down the Republican nominee through devastating, hilarious skits.

His latest swipe at the spray-tanned buffoon came during a pre-show Q&A session with the audience, when a college student in the crowd asked Colbert, “If you had Donald Trump on your show tonight, what would you ask him?”

See Colbert’s hilarious response in the video below:

Colbert responded by saying, “Well, we’re not broadcasting right now so I would say, ‘What does Vladimir Putin’s d*ck taste like?'”

It was a brutal takedown of Trump, who has recently encouraged Russia to commit cyber warfare against the United States and has, in the past, praised Putin as a “leader” and says it was a “great honor” to be complimented by the Russian president.

Something tells me Trump won’t be going on ‘The Late Show’ anytime soon.