Trump Begs People Not To Watch Hillary Clinton As Dem Convention Crushes GOP In Ratings

Donald Trump is on the verge of a breakdown and is begging people not to watch Hillary Clinton’s acceptance speech at the Democratic convention.

CNN reported in a Trump fundraising email where he begged his supporters not to watch Hillary Clinton’s speech:

On Thursday morning, Trump’s campaign sent a fund-raising email urging supporters not to tune into Clinton’s acceptance speech on Thursday night.

“Unless you want to be lied to, belittled, and attacked for your beliefs, don’t watch Hillary’s DNC speech tonight,” the email read. “Instead, help Donald Trump hold her accountable, call out her lies and fight back against her nasty attacks.”


Trump frequently boasts about the high ratings his interviews and speeches receive, but the Clintons and Obamas are demonstrating their ratings power this week. Coverage of the DNC in the 10 p.m. hour on broadcast and cable has been higher-rated than the same convention in 2012 and higher-rated than the RNC proceedings last week.

Monday night’s speeches were seen by 26 million viewers across seven channels, versus 23 million for night one of the RNC.

Tuesday night’s DNC coverage averaged 24 million, versus 19 million for night two of the RNC.

Trump’s email wasn’t about mobilizing supporters, or even raising money. Donald Trump is worried that more people will watch Hillary Clinton’s speech than tuned for his long-winded screaming tirade in Cleveland.

Media image and ratings remain more important to Donald Trump than doing the work necessary to be elected the next President Of The United States. Make no mistake about, Trump is getting desperate after getting beaten in the ratings over the first three nights of the convention.

If Hillary Clinton’s speech beats Trump’s ratings, the GOP nominee may need to be placed on suicide watch.