Trump Busted For Huge Lie About Helping To Build The Vietnam War Memorial

Donald Trump is claiming that he helped to build the Vietnam War Memorial, but a newspaper account from 1984 reveals that Trump is lying.

Here is what Trump claimed he did during an interview with ABC News, “I was very responsible along with a group of people for getting the Vietnam Memorial built.”

A 1984 Washington Post article revealed that while Trump was on the board to get the memorial built, he blew off most of the meetings, “* One official of the Vietnam Commission, who has attended all the meetings, maintains Trump has been to only two or three out of 20 meetings. This was confirmed by another member of the commission. The first time he attended a meeting was to launch the commission, one source says, and the second was when he arrived with a reporter who was profiling him.”

Trump only showed up the first meeting, and then only showed up again for the sake of publicity when a reporter was doing a story on him.

The next time that Donald Trump claims he is going to take care of our veterans, someone needs to ask him exactly what he means by that statement because his entire personal history involves using veterans for publicity.

Donald Trump is trying to take credit for getting the Vietnam War memorial built when he didn’t even bother to show up for the meetings. Trump is no friend to our vets, and if Trump is elected president, he will treat vets the same poor way that he has treated them for entire adult life as a private citizen.