Trump Reeling As Clinton Gets 10 Point Democratic Convention Bounce And 15 Point Lead

A new poll taken after the Democratic convention revealed that Hillary Clinton had erased any gains that Trump made after the Republican convention, with a 10 point convention bounce and a 15 point lead.

RABA Research found:
Among likely voters, Clinton garners 46% support to Trump’s 31%. Libertarian Gary Johnson now captures 7% of the vote, while Jill Stein sits at 2%.

A RABA Research poll conducted the day after the Republican convention showed a tighter race, with Clinton at 39% and Trump at 34%. Johnson was at 8% in that survey, while Stein found 3% support.


When asked if the Democratic National Convention was a failure or success, 38% of respondents called the convention a success, while 23% dubbed it a failure. 38% of respondents said neither, or that they were not sure.

The RABA poll showed Clinton opening up a 7 point lead with men (42%-35%), a 22 point lead with women (50%-28%). Clinton also had 14% of the Republican vote, and she led by double digits with all age groups.

The poll was a bipartisan poll that was not paid for by any candidate, party, or organization.

The consensus reviews by objective observers has been that Hillary Clinton had a very good convention. It remains to be seen what other post-convention polls will reveal, but a ten point bounce is a great convention. What is even worse for Trump is that his few days of being able to proclaim that he is winning have vanished.

To put the state of the race into terms that Donald Trump would understand, his low energy campaign is losing bigly to the highly motivated and unified Democratic Party.