Trump Admits That He Will Lose The Election If He Releases His Tax Returns

Donald Trump admitted in a new interview that if he releases his tax returns, he will lose the election.


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Transcript via ABC’s This Week:

STEPHANOPOULOS: Is there something…


TRUMP: George, it is very simple. Yes, but they’re all linked. It’s called the link.

It’s very simple, if my audit is finished, that’s great.

Now, I have to tell you. I watched Mitt Romney four years ago. He waited until September to give them, just before the election. They made him look so bad, it was so unfair, I actually think he didn’t lose because of the 47 percent, I think he lost because of a couple of really minor items in tax return where he did nothing wrong. So it is unfair.

But I will say, when I’m finished with the audit, I’ll do it.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Richard Nixon released his even though his were under audit.

TRUMP: I don’t use Richard Nixon as necessarily the guide, OK. I mean, you know, it’s an interesting person to use, but don’t use it.

Trump admitted that there is something in his tax returns that will cause him to lose the election. His reference to his own belief that something in Romney’s tax return cost Republicans in 2012 was about as close to an admission as voters are going to get from Trump.

Donald Trump defended his tax returns as legal, but that doesn’t mean that it’s right. What Trump is most likely hiding is the fact that he hasn’t paid any personal income taxes for decades. Trump isn’t paying his fair share of taxes. That is what he is hiding. Donald Trump is trying to pass himself off as some sort of blue-collar billionaire while he is manipulating the system in a way that no working class American ever could.

Anyone with an ounce of knowledge knows that being compared to Richard Nixon is not good, but Trump considers Nixon “interesting.”

Trump knows that if his tax returns come out, he’ll lose the election. The reason why he hasn’t released his returns has nothing to do with an audit or Mitt Romney.

If his tax returns are made public, America will see, and reject, the real Donald Trump.

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