Paranoid Trump Has A Psychotic Episode And Claims Fire Marshals Are Out To Get Him


Donald Trump had an episode before his town hall in Columbus, OH even began. Trump gathered the press before the event and went on a crazed rant about how fire marshals are sabotaging his campaign.

Here is what Trump told the media before the event:


Trump continued his paranoid rant about the fire marshal in front of the crowd, “I have to tell you that the fire marshal they turned away thousands of people. They turned away thousands of people, look at the size this place. They were given orders no more than a thousand people…Is the mayor a Democrat? Is he a Democrat? That’s what I heard. He ought to be ashamed of himself.”

Donald Trump is falling apart. He really believes that there is a Democratic conspiracy to use fire marshals to prevent him from winning this election. How the fire marshals are preventing him from winning is something that is only understood in the mind of Donald Trump. What Trump doesn’t get is that television ratings don’t equal winning. Rally attendance doesn’t equal winning if it Democrats would be running Bernie Sanders as their nominee. Votes are what decide elections.

Trump has seen that he is losing in almost all of the polls again, so he needs something to blame besides his himself and his own campaign. The Republican nominee is already making excuses for his possible loss in November.

With his behavior becoming more unstable by the day, it is clear that the Republican nominee for president is cracking up and losing what’s left of his fragile grasp on reality.

Trump’s paranoia is getting the better of him, and the Republican nominee is mentally falling apart.