Trump Denounced by PFAW as Attacks on Khan Family Continue

Trump’s attack on Khizr and Ghazala Khan, the parents of a U.S. soldier killed in Iraq, for a speech by Mr. Khan at the DNC, has brought outrage from from all sides, including Mitch McConnell, against an embattled Donald Trump, who has continued to strike back against criticism, whining just this morning on Twitter that,

“Mr. Khan, who does not know me, viciously attacked me from the stage of the DNC and is now all over T.V. doing the same – Nice!”

and in another tweet,

“This story is not about Mr. Khan, who is all over the place doing interviews, but rather RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORISM and the U.S. Get smart!”

Of course, if it’s not about Mr. Khan, why does Trump keeping attacking Mr. Khan?

People For the American Way President Michael Keegan released the following statement in response to the Trump attacks:

“Millions of Americans have been moved by the Khans’ eloquence about the meaning of our Constitution and their son’s sacrifice on behalf of our country.

“Unfortunately, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is not among them. To this family’s patriotism and loss, he responded with shameful bigotry and innuendo. Clearly the Khans need no one to speak for them. But we choose to stand with them in their call for Republican leaders to repudiate Donald Trump.

“More than 60 years ago, a dangerous, bullying demagogue was deflated with a simple question, ‘Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?’

“It has become abundantly clear that Donald Trump shares the cruelty and recklessness of Joseph McCarthy as well as his lack of decency. So we put the question to Reince Priebus, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and other Republican leaders who have rallied to Trump’s side: Have you left no sense of decency?”

As the BBC’s Kim Ghattas said on this morning’s Morning Joe, Trump’s attack on Muslims “feeds a pattern of Islamophobia”:

“The insinuation that somehow, whenever you speak about Muslim-Americans, you must bring up terrorism is very disturbing.”

Sadly, Trump has many defenders as well. There is no lack of religious bigots on the right and they have by and large fallen in behind Trump’s plan to make the world safe for Fox News’ “white Christian Americans.”

Trump and the Republican Party, minus a few outliers, have shown they have no decency and PFAW is right to call them on it. Their passive aggressive response to Trump has shown them to be wholly lacking in character, which puts them on par with the guy with whom they claim they want nothing to do.