Egg on Face: Brian Kilmeade Admits Fox News Didn’t Carry Benghazi or Khan Speech

It is not exactly an apology for the false accusations he threw around so casually, but Brian Kilmeade admitted, without apologizing, that Fox News did not carry either the Patricia Smith speech nor the Khizr Khan speech at the RNC and DNC respectively, and kinda sorta that they were the only ones not to do so.

Watch Kilmeade on Tuesday’s Fox & Friends courtesy of Media Matters for America:

“Yesterday, we talked about the two speeches. The Khan speech and the Pat Smith speech. And I said everyone carried the Khan speech live but no one carried the Pat Smith speech live. There were some networks that carried the Pat Smith speech live. We didn’t carry either.”

This is typical of Fox News, inventing news, demanding to know why nobody is talking about a problem they invented, and then dismissing the fuss they created without an apology.

Instead of simply admitting his network carried neither speech, Kilmeade should have shame-faced apologized for creating a firestorm about nothing. This is just another example why the word “news” does not belong in Fox News.