Khizr Khan Is Trump’s Worst Nightmare As Gold Star Dad Hits Trump For Accepting Purple Heart


During an interview on CNN, Khizr Khan showed why he is Donald Trump’s worst nightmare as he expressed the moral outrage of a decent man over Donald Trump’s pocketing of a veteran’s Purple Heart.



Khan said,

You saw an example of that lack of empathy and heartlessness again today. I hope. I hope. America is listening and watching. A man comes to him, a veteran, so kindly, what a gracious man, hands him his Purple Heart. What he does is he receives it, thanks him, puts it in his pocket. Later on, pulls it out. I got this Purple Heart, so easy. I always wanted one. Donald Trump, you had the time. You did not serve. You know what you should have done? Listen to me, and I want his surrogates to listen to me. You should have pinned that back to that veteran’s chest, and should have hugged him, and thanked him.

That is, I’m sorry. I’m shouting. I’m just so upset at this lack of empathy, lack of common sense. He wants to be the leader. The Commander-in-Chief of this United States of America? That is the thoughtfulness? He should have put that Purple Heart back. If he would have been sensible he would have known what it takes to earn that Purple Heart. That Purple Heart belongs to that person. That was the most gracious person that came and handed him the Purple Heart. He takes it in his pocket, and says very easy; I always wanted one. Well, you had your chance. You escaped. You dodged the draft, and now you want an easy Purple Heart in your pocket. You should have pinned it back. Even now, call that man. I want his surrogates to call that man, thank him, and put that Purple Heart back on that person’s chest.

Mr. Khan was correct. A decent person would have immediately understood that they did not earn the Purple Heart, so they would have thanked the veteran for his service and the gesture, and given the medal back.

Donald Trump is not a decent person. He feels entitled to the Purple Heart.

The reason why Khizr Khan is such a problem for Trump is that he is a person of integrity who serves as a stark contrast to the person that the Republican Party has nominated for president. Mr. Khan is a Muslim-American who destroys every hateful stereotype that Donald Trump is running for president on.

The Republican Party’s worst nightmare is becoming a reality as the decent people of America are pushing back against Donald Trump.