A Kid at Donald Trump Rally Yells of Hillary Clinton “Take That B*tch Down!”

If you were wondering who Trump was going to attack after attacking a baby…. The answer is our children.

Donald Trump kicked a baby out of his campaign event on Tuesday, so it should be no surprise that the kinds of people who follow Trump have a 10ish-year-old child who screams of Hillary Clinton, “Take that b*tch down!”

Yes that happened.

Per CBS reporter Sopan Deb:

A child freely calling a woman “bitch” in public — This is the Trump crowd, and it explains why they don’t care how he treats a Gold Star family, or that he’s a birther. In fact, these things only add to his appeal with his base because of the color of the skin of the people he’s attacking.

Add Hillary Clinton to the mix because she’s a powerful woman and we all know that in the Donald Trump crowd, women are for looking at and not for being in charge — unless of course that woman is the daughter of a powerful man, and then it’s okay but if that man is Donald Trump, he will still sexualize his daughter at every turn, in public.

But even his own daughter gets the shaft when it comes to sexual harassment, with Trump saying on Monday that if his daughter were being sexually harassed at work (and hello, she is, by her own father) he would tell her to get a different career.

Donald Trump and many of his supporters are a scourge on this country, not fit for family viewing. There should be a warning up for families watching or attending a Trump event: Not fit for children or people with values.