Megyn Kelly’s Sigh Says It All In Response To Donald Trump Jr’s Claims about Sexual Harassment

Fox News star Megyn Kelly sighed Tuesday in response to Donald Trump Jr.’s claim that unlike the ladies at Fox News, Ivanka Trump “wouldn’t let herself be subjected” to sexual harassment because she is a “strong, powerful woman.”

In the real world, we call this mansplaining and as such, it naturally drew a “sigh” from Megyn Kelly.

Kelly was sighing in response to this, “Eric Trump on handling workplace sexual harassment: ‘Ivanka is a strong, powerful woman. She wouldn’t allow herself to be subjected to it'”

No one knows how to defend from sexual harassment like a man who has never experienced it, eh? Sure, sexual harassment does happen to men, but it doesn’t happen to powerful people or the children of powerful people, unless by the parents usually, so it’s hard to imagine a scenario in which Donald Trump Jr. is a victim relying on a job for insurance or a paycheck or career advancement.

Power and money protect people from predators. Predators know how to find and prey on the weak and vulnerable. Notice Ailes didn’t do this to Kelly recently, he did it when she was newer at Fox, before she was a star.

Mansplaining runs in the Trump family.

Monday Donald Trump, the Republican presidential nominee, explained that his solution to sexual harassment would be to tell his daughter to get a new career.

Asked if his daughter Ivanka were treated as Ailes treated many of the women at Fox News, Trump answered, “I would like to think she would find another career or find another company if that was the case.”

Find another career? This is hard to even comprehend but we should bear in mind that Donald Trump is a sexual harasser who so harassed a female journalist that she had to threaten legal action against him. So Donald Trump’s point of view is that of a predator. Naturally he puts the onus on the victim.

Being sexually harassed isn’t a reflection on the character of the person being harassed. It is a reflection on the loser doing it and those enabling it.

Many strong women and men have been sexually harassed, and I daresay it takes guts and fortitude to get through it without giving in, especially when your career is being threatened and you are facing being blackballed. That’s real courage.

That’s the kind of courage that Donald Trump and Donald Trump Jr know nothing about. It would be best if men like these two just didn’t talk about things they don’t understand except from the point of view of the predator, but of course it is precisely these types who like to hear the sound of their own voice so much that they just can’t help it. And of course they think they are somehow immune to being a victim due to their superior character, when in fact it is luck of birth.

If only the Trump boys had told us sooner, we would all have known to be born to a rich family so we could be “powerful” enough to not be sexually harassed. Good tip, eh? If that doesn’t work, just have daddy buy you a new business. DUH.