Trump Just Kicked A Baby Out Of His Rally As Unhinged GOP Nominee Hits New Low

Trump has followed up attacking a family who lost their son in combat with throwing a baby out of his rally in Virginia.


Here is a transcript of the exchange:

I can see the excuses already. Trump was kidding. Trump was joking. The problem is that no sane nominee would even joke about kicking a baby out of a rally.

A candidate who was an actual human being would have seized the moment to say something clever and cute about the crying baby. Think of how President Obama has reacted to similar situations in the past. A cute moment could have both humanized Trump, and gotten some of the negative media attention from the Khan family fiasco off of him, but Donald Trump doesn’t do kind and nice.

Instead, Trump showed that baby who was the boss. No baby will interrupt Donald Trump, who so strong that he will not tolerate crying children in his presence.

What has become obvious about Donald Trump is that he has a gift for saying/doing the wrong thing in every situation.

It is almost like Donald Trump is intentionally trying to lose the election.