CNN Treats Trump Like A Loser By Cutting Away From Daytona Beach Rally After 7 Minutes


With his campaign in collapse, CNN cut away from Donald Trump’s Daytona Beach, FL town hall after a few minutes to talk about his struggling campaign.

While Fox News and MSNBC is covering Trump’s usual rambling and incoherent remarks live, CNN stuck with the live Trump coverage for less than ten minutes before moving on to Jake Tapper and a live report from outside of the venue.

Trump’s town hall began at 3:47 PM ET.


Here was what was on CNN by 4:04 PM ET:


Business Insider’s Josh Barro noticed that CNN cut away from Trump:

CNN’s decision that a report on Trump’s campaign struggles was more interesting that the candidate delivering his stump speech is a dramatic shift from just a few months ago when every word that Trump uttered was must see television.

CNN is treating Trump like what he is becoming. CNN just treated Trump like a losing candidate.

The game is changing for Trump. At least on CNN, the struggles of his campaign are becoming a bigger story than anything that Trump might say live. If the media starts treating Trump like any other candidate, it will be game over for the Republican nominee.

The CNN decision that live coverage of Trump isn’t newsworthy is a notable change.

If other cable networks follow suit, Donald Trump’s goose will be cooked before November.