Republicans Devastated As Fox News Poll Shows Hillary Clinton Leading Trump By 10

More bad news for Republicans came in the form of a Fox News Poll that showed Hillary Clinton leading Donald Trump 49%-39% in the race for the White House.

Clinton’s lead in the Fox News Poll increased from 44%-38% to 49%-39% in less than a week. A troubling trend for Republicans is the flatness of Trump’s support. Trump has been between 38% and 39% support for the past six weeks. In a three party race with Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson included, Clinton leads 44%-35%-12%. A problem for Trump is that nearly half of Republicans (49%) would rather have a different nominee, while 56% of Democrats are satisfied with Clinton.

Hillary Clinton was more trusted than Trump to make a decision on using nuclear weapons, to look out for them during tough economic times, to nominate the next Supreme Court justice, and to protect the Constitution. In other words, Clinton was more trusted than Trump with the duties of being president. Sixty-five percent of those polled said Clinton was qualified to be president, but only 43% expressed the belief that Trump is qualified to be president.

Trump’s attacks on the Gold Star Khan family have been devastating for his campaign as 69% of those polled said that Trump’s comments were out of bounds.

Voters are paying attention to the words and actions of Donald Trump, and they are coming to the decision that he is unqualified to be president. When even the Fox News poll shows Trump getting crushed on character and qualifications questions, the Republican Party has a big problem.

There is no silver lining for the GOP. The American people are paying attention and are currently deciding that they would rather support the qualified and competent person for president over a Republican nominee whose behavior has been nothing but erratic and unstable.

For all of the media talk about 2016 being an unconventional outsider election, Hillary Clinton is leading by being competent and qualified in the face of the endless barrage of questionable statements and behavior coming from Donald Trump.