Tammy Duckworth Humiliates Donald Trump for Purple Heart Remarks


Holding up a Purple Heart, Trump quipped during a rally in Virginia Tuesday that, “I always wanted to get the Purple Heart. This was much easier.” No doubt for those heroic sexual exploits he had bragged about to Howard Stern in 1997.

Rep. Tammy Duckworth (D-IL), who lost both her legs in Iraq and partial use of one arm, got her Purple Heart the hard way, as she pointedly reminded Trump in a tweet Tuesday:


Another Purple Heart recipient, Delaware Democrat and Marine veteran Sean Barney, who got his medal after being shot in the neck by a sniper in 2006, told Trump, “No one should ever ‘want’ one of these.” Barney said Trump’s comments were “flippant and repugnant.”

Because usually, when you get one, you’re not standing on a stage safe as can be, and they’re not something usually awarded to draft dodgers. Tammy Duckworth showed Trump what real sacrifice looks like.

Of course, Trump’s nemesis, Khizr Khan, who lost his son in Iraq in 2004, had something to say about Trump’s accepting a Purple Heart from a supporter as well.

Amid a flurry of white supremacist excuse making, Trump’s attacks on the Khans have also been condemned by veterans groups and by veteran and former POW, Sen. John McCain, and many others.

Sure McCain and other Republicans still endorse Trump, but take heart: By a delicious irony, reports suggest the Purple Heart given to Trump was, like all things Trump, a fake.

Your fake worthiness is rewarded, Donald Trump, by something as phony as you.

Photo: Screen Capture