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Despite The Good Polls, Donald Trump Could Still Win In November

Last updated on July 17th, 2023 at 07:18 pm

It’s hard for anyone to deny that it’s been a great couple of weeks for Democrats. After a well-received convention in Philadelphia, Donald Trump has been imploding little by little each day.

Between his assault on a Gold Star family, his mind-boggling foreign policy statements, and the fact that some of his closest allies are on the verge of staging an intervention, it’s hard to find something that’s going well for the Trump campaign.

That’s why his poll numbers have fallen through the floor.

Nationally, Hillary Clinton leads Trump by 15 and 9 points in two new polls that came out today from McClatchy-Marist and NBC News/Wall Street Journal, respectively. According to HuffPost Pollster, the Democratic nominee now leads Trump by an average of seven points.

The results are just as bad in swing states, where Clinton leads Trump in Florida (+6), Michigan (+9), New Hampshire (+17) and Pennsylvania (+11), according to polling released Thursday.

If the election were held today, according to FiveThirtyEight’s forecast, Clinton would have a 92 percent chance of being elected the 45th president.

Here’s the thing, though, Democrats: The election isn’t today. We still have 95 days to go until voters actually cast their ballot in the most important poll of all.

While I tend to think we’ve seen a definite shift in the presidential race over the past week – one that may be long-lasting – Democrats should still work like they’re down by 10 points.

Thinking Trump is now destined to lose would be a mistake, and it would likely breed complacency. In the final stretch of the most important election in our lifetime, that’s exactly what we don’t need.

New voters still need to be registered. Phone calls still need to be made. Doors still need to be knocked.

After all, just a few weeks ago, the race between Clinton and Trump was basically tied. The spray-tanned buffoon was even beating her in some surveys. Many Clinton supporters were about to press the panic button.

Let’s remember that feeling before we kick back in our easy chairs and act like Clinton has it in the bag. Three months is a lifetime in politics, and anything can happen between now and November.

Sure, Democrats have every right to be proud of the convention they put on in Philadelphia. They should also be grateful that Trump is slowly unraveling and showing the country who he has been all along.

But this race isn’t over, and we shouldn’t act like it. Instead, we should remember how it felt a few weeks ago when it looked like Trump was pulling ahead.

Remember that feeling, and keep doing your part to ensure that Trump doesn’t set foot in the White House next year.

Sean Colarossi

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