MSNBC Just Destroyed Trump’s $400 Million Iran Video Lie With One Word During Speech

Last updated on July 17th, 2023 at 07:18 pm

Donald Trump tried to repeat his lie about the video showing $400 million being shipped to Iran during a speech in Maine, but he was fact checked in real time on screen by MSNBC.

As Trump repeated his lie about seeing a video if $400 million being sent to Iran, here is what MSNBC showed over his remarks:

The video that Trump continues to lie about isn’t of money being sent to Iran. It is Fox News b-roll of hostages being sent home from Iran.

The media is finally doing its job. Donald Trump is no longer getting a free pass to lie at will. The fact of the matter is that there was nothing hidden or illegal about the transfer. Republicans are trying to create a story to distract from the collapse of Donald Trump’s campaign.

Throughout his speech in Maine, Trump repeated the lie that the hostages were traded for cash. It isn’t true, and the media is finally stepping up to call out Trump’s lies.

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