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Fox News Turns On Trump And Tells Him To Release His Tax Returns

Last updated on July 17th, 2023 at 07:19 pm

Even Fox News isn’t buying Donald Trump’s excuses for his refusal to release his tax returns.

On Fox News’ The Five, Eric Bolling urged Trump to release his tax returns while of course using a false equivalency to smear Hillary Clinton.

Video via Media Matters:

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Bolling said, “I would want it contingent on both of them answering it. So I would say Donald Trump, release your tax returns, and Hillary Clinton, release the transcripts of the speeches you made to Wall Street.

Eric Bolling’s false equivalency was nonsensical. The Clinton campaign would probably make that trade in a heartbeat if Trump offered it. There is nothing in Hillary Clinton’s speech transcripts that could sink her presidential campaign. The speeches are such a non-issue that even Republicans have stopped mentioning them.

However, Donald Trump has already admitted that there is something in his tax returns that he thinks would cost him the election. During an interview with ABC News, Trump suggested that Romney lost the election due to a “couple of legal things” that were in his tax returns. It is a safe bet that Trump brought up Romney’s returns because his also have some “legal things” that could doom his campaign.

Fox News’ daytime programming has been increasingly critical of Trump since sexual predator Roger Ailes was shown the door. Fox News primetime is still populated with uber fanboys O’Reilly and Hannity who will fight to the death for Trump, but during the day, the network has been openly critical of Trump, and rather frank about the fact that his campaign is imploding.

Fox isn’t defending Trump’s decision not to release his tax returns. As the GOP nominee sinks in the polls, it is becoming increasingly clear that both Fox News and the Republican Party are getting ready to abandon Trump and ship him out to sea.

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