Hillary Clinton Just Cut The Heart Out Of Trump’s Campaign In Less Than Two Minutes

Last updated on July 17th, 2023 at 07:19 pm

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With one swoop that only took a few minutes, Hillary Clinton cut Donald Trump’s message of anger off at the knees.



Hillary Clinton took a question about Trump’s appeal to racism and bigotry and used it cut the heart of out her opponent’s campaign.

Clinton said:

I really believe that the core of his support, I’m not going to speak for everyone who supports him because I think there have been some quite distressing statements coming out of his rallies and his supporters that have aligned themselves with him. But I think the core of his support really centers on the disappointment in the economy that so many Americans feel.


I have been trying to understand what it is that has driven people to support Trump, and I’ve met with some people. I have listened to them, and so many of them are looking for an explanation as to why they lost the job they had for eighteen years when the factory closed, and nobody cared about them. What they’re going to do when their whole life was spent mining coal, and they made eighty thousand dollars a year, and now they can barely find a job making minimum wage. Why the center of so many old industrial towns in America are hollowed out, and people are turning to opiates and heroin, and the list goes on. And that’s what I’ve heard. So I think that we have to recognize that some of the appeal is xenophobic, and racist, and misogynistic, and offensive. We have to acknowledge that, but let’s not lose sight of the real pain that many Americans are feeling because the economy has left them behind.

So I have said, I said it again in my acceptance speech last Thursday; I want to be the president for all Americans. I want to lift up and give everybody a chance to pursue their dreams, and that means people who are supporting him.

Trump never goes beyond the argument that people are mad because everything sucks. The Trump sales pitch never expands to include why people are angry and what can be done about it. Hillary Clinton made a direct appeal to those who might be attracted to Trump’s anger with a message that they are being listened to and understood.

The current supporters of Donald Trump will never vote for Hillary Clinton, but her message was directed to those undecided voters who are attracted to Trump’s rage. Hillary Clinton is behaving like a president. Instead of demonizing Trump’s potential supporters, she is appealing to them with understanding.

By adopting this course of action, Hillary Clinton is limiting the ceiling of Trump’s support, and cutting his message off at the knees.

It is a brilliant move by a candidate who shows on a nearly daily basis why she is more than ready to be president.

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