Vladimir Putin’s State Run Media Is Now Doing PR For Donald Trump

Putin is using Russia’s state-run media to help Donald Trump win the White House.

After former George W. Bush and Romney national security adviser, John Noonan went off on Twitter about how Donald Trump should not be trusted with access to nuclear weapons, one of Putin’s state-run news agencies published a defense of Trump’s position.

Read Noonan’s tweetstorm about how Trump is threat to nuclear deterrence:

Putin’s Sputnik News responded by publishing an article that defended Trump’s willingness to use nuclear weapons:

The argument goes that implementing an official no-first-use policy would threaten the foundations of nuclear deterrence, needlessly assuring enemies that the US will not launch an offensive strike. Supporters of nuclear nonproliferation counter that a no-first-use policy would not apply to defensive measures, thereby preserving the idea of deterrence.

James’ comments come amid an ongoing debate over the future of the Long-Range Standoff Weapon (LRSO), a nuclear cruise missile. While a group of congressional Democrats have urged the Obama Administration to abandon the program, arguing that doing so would promote world peace and save US taxpayers $20 billion, the Pentagon disagrees.

Putin’s state-run media is trying to downplay the dangers of Donald Trump to the people of the United States and the world. The Trump campaign can continue to try to deny that they aren’t getting help from Putin, but when Russian state media is directly rebutting criticism of Trump, it is pretty obvious that Putin is doing everything in his power to get Donald Trump elected.

Vladimir Putin wants Trump in the White House, which is why American voters have a duty to say nyet to Comrade Donald in November.