Republicans Terrified As White Working Class Voters Are Abandoning Donald Trump

The fact that white working class voters are dumping Donald Trump is the source of the deep panic that is sweeping through the Republican Party.

Ed Kilgore of New York Magazine pointed out Trump’s troubling drop with white working class voters, “A new NBC/Wall Street Journal survey showed his lead among non-college-educated white voters dropping to 49-36. Similarly, McClatchy/Marist pegs it at 46-31. These are not world-beating numbers. And you have to wonder: If Trump is losing his special appeal to the voting category that has long been his campaign’s signature “base,” where is he supposed to make that up?”

With Trump getting crushed with women, Hispanic, and African-American voters, his campaign has nowhere to go to make up any support that he loses with white working class voters. Recent polling showed white voters and male voters moving towards Hillary Clinton. There is literally nowhere for Trump to go to get the votes that he needs to win the White House if he doesn’t dominate with white working class voters.

White working class voters have been a bedrock voting group for the Republican Party. What scares Republicans most is that the white working class voters who flip to Clinton will also vote for Democrats for the House and Senate. The down ballot impact of Trump’s campaign collapse could be felt in congressional races.

Trump has alienated so many voters that his base of support consists of conservative white voters over age 65. Trump hasn’t added any new voters to his column, which is why he is floundering in the 30%-40% range of support.

If any significant number of white working class voters abandon the Republican Party for Clinton, the result will trigger an earthquake down the ballot that will wreck the Republican Party.

Republicans should be scared because voters may make them pay in November for their foolish decision to nominate Donald Trump.