Trump Throws A Tantrum While Defending Kicking A Crying Baby Out Of His Rally

In a completely unprovoked moment, while campaigning in Iowa, Donald Trump threw a fit and defended throwing a crying baby out of his rally.


Trump defended kicking a baby out of his rally by saying, “This was a beautiful baby and beautiful mother, and the baby was crying, and I jokingly said you know what? Let the baby cry. You know something to that effect. We love babies. Then about two minutes later, it didn’t stop. It just went on, and I’m trying to speak in front of thousands. We had thousands of people in the room. And I said, alright. I actually said the first time keep the baby in the room. Then after about two minutes, I said you know what? I’m going to counteract my order. Beautiful baby, meh. If you take her outside, that’s not so bad.”

Nothing that Donald Trump said in Iowa, outside of the fact that a baby was crying, was true. Here is how it really happened.

What is stunning is that the Republican nominee for president just admitted that something as simple as crying baby distracted him from delivering a speech.

If Trump can’t keep his focus because of a baby crying, how can he be expected to react to a national crisis if he is elected president?

Trump went on a tantrum because the media accurately reported that he gave the baby the boot at his rally. Any sane presidential candidate would not want to remind the public of his bad behavior towards small children, but Donald Trump can’t let any bad coverage pass.

Donald Trump had to throw a fit about his bad press, and in the process, he reminded voters of why he should never be president.