Trump Goes Totally Insane And Promises Terrorist Attacks If Clinton Wins The Election

Last updated on July 17th, 2023 at 07:19 pm

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Trump began his rally in Des Moines, Iowa by promising that if Hillary Clinton wins the presidential election, there will be more terror attacks in the United States.

The Republican nominee said, “I can tell you this. If Hillary Clinton becomes president, you will have, you will have terrorism. You will have problems. You will have really, in my opinion, the destruction of this country from within. Just remember that. Just remember I said it. The destruction of our country from within.”

Just to make it clear that he is crazy, Trump added that Hillary Clinton is unhinged.


Trump said, “She’s really pretty close to unhinged, and you’ve seen it a couple of times, but the people in the background know it. The people that know her know it, and she’s like an unbalanced person.”

Donald Trump was projecting his own psychological issues onto Hillary Clinton. In her decades of public life, there is no evidence of Hillary Clinton being unhinged or unbalanced. In contrast, there is evidence from the past week that Donald Trump may very well be an unstable person. There are Republicans who are calling Trump unbalanced.

As he falls more behind in the polls, Trump is doubling down on the fear and bogus personal attacks.

Donald J. Trump sounds like a person with serious issues. His attempts to frame Hillary Clinton as the crazy candidate making him look dangerously insane.

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