CNN Sells Out To Trump With Panel Of Trump Surrogates Whining About Media Bias

CNN has gone full blown Trump news network by giving Trump surrogates a panel of their own to complain about media bias.

Media critic and NYU journalism professor Jay Rosen flagged the all Trump surrogate panel that CNN’s Reliable Sources will be offering on Sunday:

Reliable Sources host Brian Stelter is good at his job, so the problem won’t be the host. The problem is with the premise. Why is it necessary for CNN to host a panel of Trump surrogates who are going to repeat the tired and widely debunked claim that the “liberal media” is biased against Trump? Is CNN also planning to host a panel of Clinton supporters, who would no doubt love to discuss the fact that the corporate media has largely ignored her message, and gives the candidate who leading in the race for the White House less coverage than her male opponent?

There are real concerns about the degree of gender bias in the election coverage that merit discussion. There are also legitimate questions about the conflict of interest that comes from for-profit news organizations and their desire for a close election because close elections are worth billions of dollars in additional revenue.

The Trump panel segment appears to be the latest gambit in CNN’s never ending quest to peel Republican viewers off of Fox News.

Giving Trump surrogates an unbalanced forum to whine about the media reeks of bias, and the sort of shameless pandering that viewers have come to expect from Fox News, not CNN.