Donald Trump Stacks the Deck Against Americans With Wall Streeters and Hedge-Fund Cronies

So Dies The Trump Myth of That Self –Funding Billionaire Who Couldn’t Be Bought

Donald Trump’s economic advisory council aren’t just all men, as has been reported. Trump is giving his biggest donors the reward of forming his economic policies, along with fancy titles and access. He’s got it stacked with Wall Streeters. He would let hedge-fund managers run the economic policies of America if he gets elected.

Politico reported, “Of the 13 men — and they were all men — that Trump touted as economic advisers for their “unparalleled experience and success,” five are major donors whose families combined to give Trump’s campaign and his joint fundraising account with the Republican Party more than $2 million. Two more have been pursued for campaign contributions.”

It gets worse, “Trump’s new economic team leans heavily on Wall Street investors and hedge-fund managers, despite railing against them during the early parts of his presidential campaign.”

Yes, everything Trump told Americans he was against. This is the guy who thought he could get the Bernie Sanders voters, which just goes to show you that Donald Trump doesn’t understand politics, public policy, life as a non-trust fund baby, and much more.

In a speech he gave at the end of June, Trump vowed to end the special interest monopoly in DC. He railed about Clinton running the State Department like her own personal hedge fund. He claimed that Wall Street owns Clinton. He presented himself as the guy who is against the special interests.

Donald Trump is literally doing the exact opposite of how he presented himself and in the process, killing the stale, stand-by attacks he’s lobbed against Clinton since the general heated up. He will still use them, no doubt, because Donald Trump doesn’t understand how this game works quite yet.

Donald Trump won’t release his tax returns, while Clinton has posted hers online in full detail.

Donald Trump lied to Americans when he pretended he was the antidote to Wall Street Hedge-Fund politicians. In fact, Donald Trump wants to let the foxes guard the henhouse.

Feeling like the system is unfair to regular Americans? Elect Donald Trump so he can let his rich friends plunder the working class in a free-for-all that could have no checks and balances.

Take note, America — the things Donald Trump tells you are his “policies” are as reliable as this now thoroughly debunked platform of being against cronies and Wall Streeters and hedge-fund types.

See a policy you like in Trump’s platform? Don’t count on it.