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As The Map Shifts To Blue, New Swing State Poll Contains Devastating News For Trump

A new poll of Arizona, Virginia, and Nevada is a perfect example of how the electoral map is shifting towards Democrats and the damage that Trump is doing to the Republican Party.

The CBS News Battleground tracker poll showed that Virginia might already be out of reach for Republicans as Hillary Clinton has opened up a 49%-37% lead over Trump. Clinton gets the support of 95% of Democrats, while Trump is still struggling to unify the Republican Party as 79% of Republicans supported the party’s nominee. Trump is getting crushed by the commander in chief test as 57% view Clinton as prepared to be president compared to 36% for Trump.

In Arizona, Trump leads 44%-42% in the usually reliable red state. The GOP nominee is being hurt by 54% of respondents believing that the economy is doing very or somewhat well, but where Trump’s campaign is backfiring is that 80% of Hispanic voters in the state reported that this election made them more motivated to vote.

Staying in the Southwest, Hillary Clinton leads Trump 43%-41% in Nevada. The Democratic nominee is being powered by the same coalition of women, younger voters, and Hispanics that is keeping her close in Arizona. Importantly, Clinton passed the commander in chief test with voters by a large margin in the state.

Trump’s demonizing of Hispanic voters has backfired and motivated this key demographic to vote in November. The Republican nominee is being destroyed on his qualifications and fitness to be president, and the worst news of all for Republicans is that voters have mostly made up their minds.

What is devastating about the CBS News poll is that it shows that the majority of voters aren’t being swayed by Trump’s appeals to fear and anger. Donald Trump is running a campaign that is based on fear and anger, but voters are evaluating the candidates based on their qualifications to lead the country.

Trump is appealing to emotions, while voters are using their heads to decide who they will support for president. This gap highlights one of the biggest problems that the Trump campaign is struggling with. Trump hasn’t changed his style to appeal to the general electorate. The 2016 Republican primary was an emotional affair. After going with their heads and losing in 2008 and 2012, GOP primary voters gave into their hearts and nominated Trump.

The more diverse general electorate is using a different standard, but Trump continues to act like he is running in the Republican primary. Trump is trailing in important areas where losing candidates usually fail.

Things aren’t getting better for Trump because much of the country is in the process of deciding that he is unqualified and unfit to be president.

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