Obama Finally Gets The Credit He Deserves As His Approval Rating Skyrockets To 55%

The American people appear to be finally appreciating Obama as the President’s job approval rating has jumped to 55%.

According to the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll, “One other factor working in Clinton’s favor is Obama’s popularity. His current approval rating is 55 percent among adults overall, about where it has been since June, while his disapproval rating is 42 percent. As many say they strongly approve of the way he is handling his job as who strongly disapprove, a positive shift over the past year.”

President Obama’s job approval is now the highest that it has been in the last ten polls. The Obama job approval polls range from a low of 48% to a high of 54% since July 29. Over the past week, Obama’s unfavorable rating has dropped from 45%-48% to 42%.
After seven plus years of largely unappreciated struggle, it seems that the American people are waking up and giving President Barack Obama the credit he deserves for how his presidency has unfolded. Obama has had a scandal free eight years. He has shepherded the nation through countless tragedies and mass shootings all the while saving the country from another Great Depression, improving the health insurance system, and standing up for civil rights and equality.

President Obama has been a role model for the nation. A leader who puts family first, and who even his critics praise as a good husband and father. As President, Obama has not fixed all of the problems in the world. He has not been Superman. His election did not make racism or any of the other dark underbellies of American society go away.

Obama hasn’t been perfect, but he has been a very good president during a difficult time, and a majority of Americans are finally recognizing and appreciating his efforts.