Tom Cotton Falls Apart On Fox News And Refuses To Say Trump Is Ready To Be President


Viewers could see Republican US Senator Tom Cotton crumble before their eyes when he was asked if Trump is ready to be commander in chief during an interview on Fox News Sunday.


Transcript via Fox News Sunday:
WALLACE: Finally, you’ve been pretty quiet about Donald Trump beyond the fact of saying that you support him. Given his fight with the Khan family, given his comments about Russia, given the fact that he has at least raised the possibly we wouldn’t come to the aid of some of our NATO allies if they were to come under attack, how do you feel about Donald Trump’s readiness to be commander in chief?


COTTON: Well, Chris, I’ve had my disagreements with Donald Trump. I’ve stated them clearly in the past and I will in the future. And Donald Trump ought not have said some of those things that you just recounted, but Hillary Clinton ought not to have done the things she’s done. She is in no small measure responsible for the death of four Americans in Benghazi and she lied to the faces of their families. She set up an unclassified server in which she used classified information that put Americans at risk and then she lied about it for a year. And then just last week, Chris, on your show, she’s lying about lying. All week long, since you interviewed her, she’s been telling lie about her lies. Donald Trump ought not have said some things, but Hillary Clinton ought not have done so many things that she’s done.

WALLACE: But in 30 seconds, if I may, are you confidence that Donald Trump is ready to be commander in chief?

COTTON: I am confident that if the American people elect Donald Trump as president, and a Republican Congress, that this country will be safer in the world, our streets will be safer, and we will be more prosperous.

The easiest way to make any congressional Republican fall to pieces during the 2016 election is to ask them if Donald Trump is either fit for the White House, or ready to be commander in chief. Tom Cotton was rolling along with his usual Obama and Clinton are evil talk, and then Chris Wallace had to ask him about Trump’s readiness for the White House.

The verbal dancing that Sen. Cotton pulled off couldn’t hide that he never answered the question. Cotton completely dodged. His message to voters was an echoing of the Mitch McConnell approved talking point that voters should elect Trump, and trust the Republicans in Congress to keep him in check.

Every elected Republican member of Congress should be asked from now until November about Trump’s readiness for office. Any Republican who answers that Trump is fit for office or dodges the question will be proving to the American people that like, Donald Trump, they also aren’t fit for office. Tom Cotton failed the test, but demonstrating that he is unwilling to be honest with the American people.

Any elected Republican who believes that Trump is ready to be president doesn’t belong in office.