Trump Has Another Bad Day As John Kasich Reminds America That The GOP Nominee Is A Liar

Gov. John Kasich went on CNN today and called out Donald Trump for lying about not offering him the VP slot on his ticket. Kasich’s appearance was a reminder that Donald Trump is a liar who lies’ about anything and everything.

Video of Kasich:

Kasich told CNN’s Jake Tapper that Donald Trump Jr. did call his office to offer him VP, “I never got a call. Apparently, my aides did….I never got a call. That’s yesterday. I said during the campaign, and nobody in the press believed it. I might have agreed to be George Washington’s vice president, but I got the second best job in the country. You know, president, and governor of Ohio, so I was never interested in being anybody’s vice president.”

The Trump campaign has insisted that there was never an offer on the table for Kasich to be vice president, but that is clearly a lie. If Trump holds true to form, he will soon take to Twitter to attack the Republican governor of Ohio, and he will attack Kasich at his upcoming rallies.

Donald Trump needs to win Ohio to have a snowball’s chance of winning in November, but when elected Republicans are giving national interviews pointing out that their own presidential nominee is a liar, it makes a challenging election nearly impossible.

John Kasich reminded every voter in America that Donald Trump is a liar, and that no detail is too big or small to escape Trump’s pathological avoidance of truth.

Every day brings a new bit of turmoil for the presidential campaign of Donald J. Trump.