Alex Jones Says Hillary Looks Like She Has Down Syndrome and a Lobotomy


The more outrageous Trump becomes, and more more outrage people show as a result, the more extreme the Trump camp makes its attacks on Hillary Clinton.

Trump tried to blame shift allegations of insanity on Clinton, and now Alex Jones has claimed Sunday on The Alex Jones Show, that she not only looks like she has Down Syndrome, but that she has had a lobotomy.

ALEX JONES: Hillary looks like a dying woman.
She looks like she’s in bad shape. She’s got holes in her tongue, she looks like she’s got, I’m sorry, Down syndrome whenever she’s out there with the balloons falling, like she’s a three-year old with a lobotomy. What’s going on with Hillary?
ROGER STONE: I think she’s either had a small stroke or she has had some other disorder. Those strange glasses she was wearing for a while, kind of a tip-off. She seems to have no stamina whatsoever. So I think it is probable that she’s got very serious health problems.


The failing Trump campaign is really reaching now, desperate to get the attention off their increasingly erratic candidate. Trump is doing himself no favors, and these distasteful attacks not only on Clinton, but people with Down syndrome, will do Trump no favors.

Trump’s solution to his problems is typically Republican, to double down on what has already proven to not work. If the voters are repulsed by bigotry, become more bigoted. If the voters are repulsed by vulgarity, be more vulgar. Trump of course, set the stage for Jones by making fun at a disabled journalist.

Clinton’s allegedly frail health has long been a Republican trope, to place against, presumably, Trump’s virility. It was only a small step to claim she looks like she is dying. This is important, of course, as Clinton is actually younger than Trump.

Trump might or might not be insane. If he is not, we can legitimately question whether he really wants to win. He is fast running out of apologists, and if he is trying to lose the election, he is definitely going about it the right way.