Clinton Emails Backfire On GOP As Vast Majority Say They Are Sick Of Hearing About Them

Republicans were banking on Hillary Clinton’s emails getting them into the White House, but a newly released poll finds that the overwhelming majority of Americans are sick of hearing about Clinton’s emails.

According to the Monmouth University poll:

Clinton’s use of a private email server while Secretary of State continues to cast a cloud over her candidacy – 64% of voters say she has not been honest about it, which is up from 52% in October 2015. On the other hand, 63% say they are tired of hearing about the email issue while just 34% say the media should continue to cover it. These results are basically unchanged from Monmouth’s poll last fall when her primary opponent Bernie Sanders also said he was tired of hearing about the emails.

Republicans seem unable to go a day without mentioning Hillary Clinton’s emails. Donald Trump’s main line of attack against Clinton features the emails. Republican crowds chant “lock her up” over the emails, but the rest of the voters in the country are sick of the whole story.

The bigger Hillary Clinton’s lead gets in the polls, the more the corporate media presses the email story. The reason why is because billions of dollars are at stake in this election. If the 2016 presidential contest turns into a blowout, corporate media outlets stand to lose billions in potential ad revenue. The corporate media has a financial interest in a close presidential election.

The American people were sick of hearing about Hillary Clinton’s emails when Bernie Sanders expressed those same feelings months ago during a Democratic presidential debate. The only thing that has changed is that Republicans have overdone it on the emails, and the American people are sick of it.

Republicans have overplayed their hand, and the email story backfired.

The American people want to talk about issues that matter, and they could care less about Hillary Clinton’s use of email.

In an election year where everything has gone wrong for Republicans, it is fitting that the majority of voters are rejecting the last remaining thread that the GOP was hoping would carry them to victory on Election Day.

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